Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dramatic is something that is stirring or affecting or moving. It holds the audience attention and we can feel emotion. So, if our teaching is dramatized the learners can relate, get attracted and interested. They can easily understand. Dramatized experience can range from the formal plays, pageants to less formal tableau, pantomime, puppets, and role playing.
   In plays depict life, they offer excellent opportunities to portray vividly important ideas about life.Pageants are usually community dreams that are based on local history, it presented by local actors. Pantomime and tableau are less demanding in terms of labor, time, and preparations. These are purely visual experience.So, when we say pantomime it is the art of conveying a story through bodily movements only while tableau is a picture like scene composed of people against a background. Puppets is use as an instructional device, the show can involves the entire group of students. and another dramatized experience is role playing. ths is an unrehearsed, unprepared and spontaneous dramatization of a "let's pretend" situation where assigned participants are absorbed by their own roles in the situation described by the teacher.
  This lesson reminds me with my experience during my high school. Our teacher give us a task to make a story and we will present it by dramatizing. And I remember that my role in that drama is a mother and became crazy because of many problems. After we show I was awarded as a beast actress because of my role that fit me. Another example is during my Humanities,before we start discussing our lesson, our teacher Ma'am Trabajo let us to show our individual talent. My talent is acting, I assumed that my mother died and I was really crying with a tears.
   So, through that dramatized experience I can relate, I can understand and it is interested to look and listen. Dramatized experience cater to students multiple intelligence.

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